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How often rugs need to be cleaned by specialists?

We suggested to have your rugs washed at a specialised centre every two years. Generally, rugs should be cleaned at specialised centres when fringes are completely brownish.

Can rugs colours be revitalised at home?

Sure, in order to revitalise colours of rugs when they seems to be opaque it will be enough to brush the veil using a moistened clothe (or brush) either with water or with white wine vinegar.

What to do is any burning object falls on the rug?

We suggest going gently on the specific area with a razor blade to remove the wool surface burn.

What should I do if the rug is stained?

If the rug has been stained it would be necessary to immediately provide a prior stain removal using water and little soap and consequently dry with it with a hair-dryer. If the problem persists we advise to refer to a specialised centre as Home Carpet.

What should I do if the rug edge is removed?

Oriental carpets can be subject to situations of edge-come-off. This is not a serious damage as it can be repaired with a really modest expenditure at one of our stores.

What should I do in case of a hole in the carpet?

We are specialised also on the service of rugs’ hole reconstruction. Bring the rug to one of our stores in order to proceed with the activities of reparation. All the procedures are made by hand