“How beautiful Shiraz is, the world has no equal!
Preserve it, my God, from all misfortunes!
Flow, flow forever this stream of ours, which makes, with its waters, endless
Come to Shiraz, among its people, look for such perfect celestial azie. ”
Hafez, Songbook, 274

Shiraz is the fifth most populated city in Iran, today it has about 1,869,000 inhabitants. During the Zand dynasty between 1750 and 1794, it was the capital of Iran later transferred to Tehran. Shiraz, is located in the Fars region and stands on the “Rudkhoneye Khoshk” literally “dry river”. It’s one of the oldest cities of the ancient Persian empire, for centuries it has been an important center of markets and exchanges.

Shiraz is probably more than 4000 years old, it is known as the city of poets, literature, wine (although the consumption and sale of all alcohol in Iran is currently illegal) and flowers. The most important poets, mystics and philosophers born in Shiraz include poets such as Sa’di and Hafez, the mystic Ruzbehan and the philosopher Mulla Sadra.

It is considered by many to be the city of gardens, as it is rich in such. It has a large community of Christians and Jews.

The prominent craftsmanship of Shiraz varies from the processing of mosaic inlays with triangular designs, to the refined processing of silver, to the creation of piles and piles of hand-woven rugs, among which the Kilim and the giagim rugs worked in the villages and local tribes.

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