How many things could be told about this enchanting place, now full of remains, but still breathless for those who came across for the first time. Persepolis is also known worldwide as the remains are also found in some of the most famous museums such as the Louvre in Paris or the Met in New York.

The cradle of a vast empire, the ancient Persian empire. It was the capital where the most important rulers lived, commanded, planned, made strategic decisions and received illustrious emperors from allover the world. Persepolis it’s located just a few km away from the tomb of Cyrus the Great.

As known by many, the Persians were historically of the Zoroastrian religion and here was the famous shrine with the flame always lit to symbolize the elimination of impurity. Precisely, there is the famous statue of King Shahpour II that climbs on the back of Valerius II, a war prisoner who was the antecedent of two dynasties in Constantine, to reach the plateau where there was the torch.

A well-known symbol of Persepolis are the columns with griffins at the head, a mythological figure that represents like a two-headed lion at the two extremities of the upper limb.

Alexander the Great was the one who set fire to this capital.

Interesting right? This is why travelling by Iran, a stop in Persepolis cannot be missed to find out everything there is to know about this enchanting place.

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