Esfahan is “half of the world”

Esfahan is “half of the world”

Esfahan is known in Iran as “half the world”

This is because the city is full of enchanting places and architectural masterpieces. The City is divided by the Zoianderut river. One of the main bridges connecting the two sides of the City is called Siosepol which literally means “thirty arches”. In one side of the city there is the community of Armenian Maronite Christians where the famous Vanaq church is built following the elegant oriental architecture. On the other side of the river, there lives the Persian Shiite Muslim community where there are several of the most beautiful Mosque of Iran.

Another reason why this City attracts every year millions of visitors is due to the excellence of craftsmanship that varies from the sophisticated manufacture of rugs, silk, wrought copper, wrought iron, silver, mosaics, ceramics and the miniature work of wood inlaid with the mother pearl.

Small curiosity.. Isfahan is twinned for its art with the famous Italian city of Florence

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